Social Marketing

Water Street helps businesses build their in-house social content platform, establish best practices, write protocols, train staff, and manage and track the results of social publishing.

We specialize in building a social strategy that’s tailor-made for our clients. Strategic social publishing allows you to:

Join the Conversation: If you are selling a product, people are already talking about you online. If your company lacks a social media presence, then those conversations are happening without any input from you.

Extend Customer Service: Interest in making actual phone calls has dropped dramatically and shoppers are much less likely to make a phone call and are far more likely to reach out via social channels when they have questions or concerns about a product. An active social presence allows you to be there when they ask about your brand.

Capture Leads: Social content that employs strategic tagging and community building delivers your brand story to an engaged audience that has self-selected to hear from you. If your brand has had success selling directly to a particular market segment, targeted campaigns that include social content that validates your brand’s success can drive traffic to lead capture forms.

Improve SEO: Regularly posting about your own content with links to blog posts and other pages on your website is a great way to increase your SEO and in turn, reach a larger audience.

Gain Audience Insight: By sharing social content and monitoring the engagement rates, you’ll be able to track how shoppers interact with your brand in real time. Running mini-campaigns that use polls or survey tools is an inexpensive way to test your audience’s response to various product versions or improvements.