Product Launch

We are experts at launching products for B2B2C brands. We know what goes on inside the walls of our manufacturing clients–most of the energy goes toward the research and development of new products and getting production lines ready for Just-In-Time manufacturing processes.

The conflict between testing products and being production-ready can really put pressure on launch campaign timeline. The result is often that marketing materials feel like a bolt-on experience: packaging and print projects that are pulled together at the end of the production process, developed in a hurry, and often not supported by reliable marketing metrics.

Because a string of tactics is not a strategy, we focus our product launch work in three areas: product strategy, campaign execution, and developing tools for communications training.

Product Strategy

We look at the complete brand platform and help our clients with long-range planning for product rollouts. A launch campaign that starts with a keen understanding of your target audience and how your product line fulfills their needs and desires will ultimately result in higher returns over a more extended period. Beyond audience and persona development, we help clients name new products, plan extended product lines, communicate flavor, color and scent variations, and explore new experiences at the shelf. Our strategy work may cover new logos, photography, product names, taglines, as well as master package and print design.

Campaign Execution

Once we’ve identified the audience, including where they consume content and their state of mind at each stage of the buying cycle, we begin to craft a campaign with the most efficient use of resources. Collateral for a launch campaign may include sales sheets and brochures, consumer catalogs, new product announcements, technical data sheets, microsites, and landing pages, inbound marketing campaigns, branded channel tools, promotional and how-to videos, social campaigns, white papers, and press releases.

Communications Training

Not every launch task needs to stay in the hands of an agency, and we help our clients establish post-launch procedures that will serve as the foundation for the next cycle of new products. Water Street provides Marcom teams with tools to navigate internal buy-in and approval processes. We review workflow and interdepartmental communication to make sure all the partners involved in product development and launch are supporting each other most effectively. We develop sales presentations and train-the-trainer tools. We document our work in brand bibles and graphics maps. We help brands find and build asset management systems.