Inbound Marketing

The days of static, unchanging websites have long passed. A mature brand recognizes that an online presence is an extension of the sales platform and that a healthy digital ecosystem is a crucial boost to the bottom line. Water Street recognizes the importance of an agile digital platform, and we’re experts in crafting engaging inbound campaigns that capture good-fit leads for our clients.

An effective inbound plan includes landing pages that are separate from your product pages. Landing pages contain customized content and can track engagement through the use of forms, which track engagement in a different way than a typical catalog site.

Inbound content should be geared to specific channels using a mixture of social promotion, SEO, PPC campaigns, and press releases as necessary. Want to capture shop owners who are interested in carrying your products? The inbound pipeline can connect them with the best distribution channel. Small chains? Lead them to create an account with your inside sales team or guide them to the best distribution partner.

Hoping to sell directly to restaurants and food service? Again, the top of the sales funnel starts with well-placed ads and social content, the landing page and lead flow at the bottom connects them to the right inside sales person and the right distribution partners. These audiences are already coming to your site, whether you recognize it or not. Inbound campaigns paired with automated marketing will capture qualified leads, provide deeper customer insight and help close more sales.