Not sure whether you need a new agency or just a new direction? We can help with our variety of consulting services:


Managing a brand involves many moving parts, and as a result, individual marketing tactics can often take on a life of their own, feeding deadlines and hitting tasks goals, while drifting further and further from the core of the brand mission.

Our audit process covers your team, your brand, your budget, and your tools

Here are some triggers that may signal it’s time for a brand audit:

  • Annual Budget Reviews
  • Change in Leadership
  • Changes in the Marketplace
  • New Channel Relationships
  • New Company Sales Goals
  • A Brand is Sold or Purchased


We get it, sometimes a brand just needs to solve a particular marketing issue in a hurry. That’s where our workshop facilitation comes in to play. Water Street has helped client teams develop buyer personas, craft new brand positioning, establish a social media strategy, and create process management systems. We’ve also trained new staff on product photography and asset management.

Training and Mentoring

Not every task needs to stay in the hands of an agency. We regularly help clients to establish internal procedures that allow them to bring marketing tasks in-house. We review workflow and interdepartmental communication to make sure all the partners involved in product development and launch are supporting each other effectively. We develop sales presentations and train-the-trainer tools. We document our work in easy-to-follow brand guidebooks and graphics maps. We help brands find and build asset management systems.