Channel Marketing

Product manufacturers always have two audiences: the end consumer who will take your product home with them, and the dealers, distributors and retail partners who help you get your product in front of those consumers. We help our clients speak to both audiences effectively because we understand the difference between the two.

Consumer marketing is everywhere you look, and many agencies only handle the B2C story. Your channel partners have different needs than typical shoppers– namely, how a brand can help them reach their sales goals. Many manufacturers end up only speaking about themselves, and leave it up to the audience to interpret how these benefits apply to their situation, which is especially detrimental to channel customers.

When developing a marketing strategy for our clients, we take a look at BOTH audiences, and the journey they each take with your brand: The Shopper Journey (consumers) and The Buyer Journey (channel customers). By understanding how the needs of each audience differ and where they intersect, we create plans that resonate in ways that support both missions: getting brands into storefronts and getting shoppers to take them home.