Case Studies

CASE STUDY: White House

Package Design

National Fruit recognizes that the apple and vinegar products sold under their consumer brand, White House, are not always suited for every retail and foodservice application. They called on Water Street to help develop house brands to promote specific channel sales.

At the behest of one of their largest retail partners–Walmart, the product development team created a limited line of juice and sauce products to be sold at a competitive price point.

The Skyland brand name was revived from an abandoned White House product from the early 20th century. Repositioned as a specialty product line, the apple juice and 4 pack of sauce cups were sold as an exclusive line at an opening price point.

To address pressure from competitive products in the upper midwest region, Alpine Orchard was developed to boost institutional sales of apple sauce. This healthy, price-conscious sauce was only produced in number 10 cans for foodservice sales. The clean white background and rolling orchard hills featured on the label lends a sense of quality to products targeting school and healthcare cafeterias.