Case Studies


Data-driven Design

US Foods carries tens of thousands of products. Their sales reps needed tools to help customers sort through mountains of data while supporting pull-through offers that draw new customers to their catalog of brands.

By focusing on foodservice products for catered events, US Foods invited chefs and caterers to regional food shows. Cooking demos and conversations with the food manufacturer’s sales reps gave attendees an opportunity to sample food while researching new recipe ideas.

The printed Catering Guide and Catalog offers a selection of wedding-worthy brands. Organized by course, this product listing provides a convenient way for restaurants, event centers, and catering companies to plan and source meals for a variety of event types.

Data-driven design paired with effective font and object style sheets allows the guide to be regularly updated with minimal keystrokes. This fast and efficient page setup allows for last-minute updates and no rekeying, which keeps pricing and portioning data accurate and easy to manage.

Beyond basic product SKU and purchasing data, the catering guide also adds value by serving as a handy reference for serving techniques, place setting, table set up, and quick tips for staff training and management. Basic business how-tos like quoting and day-of checklists also aid catering teams in presenting a professional event that runs smoothly. The added educational material elevates the guide from a simple sales sheet to a handy reference guide to planning a client’s special day.