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Case Studies

CASE STUDY: Inbound Marketing



Chicopee Americas, and their house food service brand Chix, had no web or social media presence to speak of in 2013. Chicopee developed a revolutionary nonwoven food service wipe and had no way to reach their audience.


Water Street created a multi-faceted inbound campaign to drive customers to request a free testing kit. A steady twitter stream of relevant topics, combined with strategically timed Press Releases, positioned Chicopee as the industry leader in cleaning for health and safety. Additionally, a select list of targets were shipped bright red mailers, complete with samples and test strips to evaluate their current products.


Chicopee went from no social presence to an audience of highly-engaged followers. Their products netted top 5 positions in search results for relevant topics. The inbound campaign provides a steady stream of self-qualifying sales leads.

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