Case Studies

CASE STUDY: Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association

Brand Strategy

KCMA’s website was not mobile ready, and the existing content was confusing and overwhelming. Additionally, the KCMA member companies were asking the organization to provide content to help support the value of KCMA’s cabinet certification programs in order to become a selling point and a clear benefit of their products.

In preparation for a messaging workshop, Water Street performed a website and communications audit to ascertain what was working for the brand, and what areas need to be improved. During the audit process, we identified 3 audiences who were served by the website: KCMA members, industry professionals, and consumers who purchase KCMA certified products.

At the annual board meeting, Water Street conducted an all-day messaging workshop with key leadership from the association and its board of directors. This 12-person team collaborated on developing benchmarks for KCMA’s primary message for each of their three audiences.

The resulting messaging statements approved by the board served as the foundation for the content and design direction for the website overhaul. Water Street used the site audit and messaging benchmarks to guide KCMA as they found a web partner who specializes in membership management.

Water Street also developed sample advertising materials, press releases, and a comprehensive social media strategy that lifted the trade group’s communication style away from heavy legal jargon while addressing the audience needs. The resulting campaign added a human touch to the trade group’s brand.