Package Design

Shoppers make their way to the store with a plan to purchase, yet most decisions aren’t made until they reach the shelf. Is your packaging doing everything it can to make the sale for you? Water Street aims to improve our clients’ chances of landing in the shopping cart–either real or digital–by creating a package that stands out on the shelf and appeals to your target audience.

Effective design not only tells a brand story but also organizes product information in a way that supports three kinds of shoppers: “Streakers” are those with little time or patience, “Strollers” are shoppers that will do more than scan the front, and “Studiers” are people who will take a deep dive and compare brands, per unit costs, ingredients and other fine details.

We start each engagement with a packaging audit to analyze four key elements of retail packaging, which are: shelf appeal, regulatory content, structure, and aesthetics. Whether you need a brand refresh or a complete makeover, we can help make your products stand out from the competition.