Data-driven Design

Managing a product line is a complicated endeavor that goes beyond basic brand assets, photography and illustration. Marketing teams also need to keep track of a myriad of product descriptions, labeling information, ingredients lists, regulatory statements, shopping cart data, SKU information, bar codes, distributor codes, shipping weights, carton labels, packing information, and both consumer and wholesale pricing. There are so many details involved with getting a product from the manufacturing plant to the shelf, but no one wants to take the time to check and recheck content. We use our expertise in data-driven content to ease the burden both on product teams and our own design staff.

We analyze our clients’ product lines, and sort product information from what is evergreen (which lasts more than a single sales season) and what is a trend (information that changes from season to season, launch cycle to launch cycle). We look for opportunities for shared content, and we develop communication systems that can take advantage of data-driven design tools which make it possible to write once and publish the same content many times.