Brand Strategy

For manufacturers, brand strategy is often equated to product strategy–what do people want to buy, and how can we deliver that? Water Street takes a holistic look at brand strategy. We look deeper than product positioning in the market; we also craft effective brand messaging that increases the desire for products and the way consumers feel about their connection to the brand.

Generally, strategic planning comes into play only during the annual budgeting process–sales goals are defined, growth targets are outlined, and the marketing budget is set with the intention of helping the sales team reach those goals. But once the marketing budget is set, it’s easy for the year to become a list of projects to execute and for MarCom teams to fall into the habit of creative problem-solving without a strategic foundation. We’ve seen this time and time again, and that’s why we begin each client engagement by developing strategic benchmarks for the brand. These benchmarks serve as a constant “gut-check” to measure the efficacy of your efforts.

Marketing should lay the groundwork for sales by delivering the brand story and capturing data-based customer insights. Including sales goals as a part of content development –any content development–is critical to maximizing your marketing spend. Water Street works to make sure your marketing efforts reinforce channel relationships, ease points of friction in the sales funnel, and contribute to sales growth.